Pop Up Trailer

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Sometimes known as pop up campers, the pop up trailer is for people who want to have the experience of owning their own motor home without the expense of purchasing a multi-thousand dollar machine.  Obviously, you give up some of the conveniences and amenities of a top dollar motor home but the cost savings is monumental.  For most people, the biggest sacrifice when deciding on going with a popup camper is the lack of a bathroom, although some of the newer models include them.  For most families the barrier to spending more time outdoors and enjoying nature would be the missing restroom, lack of privacy when doing your business, and having to pop a squat in the woods.  If you can get your family, friends, or relatives that you plan to go camping with over this little fact, owning one of these small trailers can be a very economically appealing choice.

openpopupOwning a pop up trailer can be quite a rewarding experience.  You can go wherever you want, setup the trailer, and have a place to rest your head wherever you become tired.  Most of these have canvas sides and on a nice night you will have the cool breeze caressing you to sleep while the bugs stay out because you are protected by the built in screens.  Come morning you can awake with the sunrise and the smells of nature all around without having to pick the dirt off of your sleeping bag.  You will usually have a place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, but why would you stay in when there is beautiful scenery all around you, that is why you are looking into purchasing a pop up trailer right?

inside of popupPop up trailers generally weigh less than 4000 pounds which makes them a perfect choice for modern families who typically own a small SUV or larger car and want to get out into the wilderness.  The pop up trailer will enable a family to enjoy the great outdoors without having to “rough it” using a tent and sleeping on rocks and roots.  Unfortunately, the pop up camper is lacking in most of the modern conveniences, there typically is no TV, most likely no bathroom or shower (if there is one, it is small and not very private), and probably no oven or stove.  You will be required to cook as if you are actually camping with a tent so be prepared.

Possibly the biggest downside to a pop up trailer is the fact that you need to spend a considerable amount of time setting it up when you get there.  Then in turn, you need to pack it up when you are ready to leave.  This can get quite tiresome, and for families just wanting to get away for a weekend to escape the hustle and bustle of life, may hinder their enjoyment.  Coming in a close second for downsides is the simple fact that they are not very stable in windy weather.  The lightness of these trailers which make them easy to tow, also causes this issue.  If you happen to have bad weather on your trip you may have wished you went with a regular trailer instead.  But if you can get past those obstacles, the cost savings may outweigh these issues.


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